BFK458-14N Stator 103V 60Nm

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INTORQ BFK458-14N Stator 103VDC 60Nm

Electromagnetically released spring-applied brakes are used wherever masses in motion have to be decelerated as quickly as possible or where masses must be held in a defined position.

The main components of the modular system  INTORQ BFK458 is the basic modules N (non-adjustable braking torque)

The greatest degree of flexibility is achieved for a broad range of applications by combining the basic modules N with specific modules.

technical data:

Manufacturer: Intorq
Manufacturer's Part Number: 521370
Size: 14
Design: N (Fixed Torque)
Rated voltage: 103 [VDC]
Characteristic torque: 60 [Nm]
Armature plate: NI
Weight: 6 KG


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